Every Friday this year I've opened up my home for my creative friends to come co-work. The idea was that most of us work for ourselves, out of our house or little studios, and that it would be nice to get a change of scenery and a chance to connect with other creatives.



Friday turn-out has varied from 5-20 people with 10 probably being the average. Most people come with a specific project that they are working on —book, jewelry, painting, magazine, branding, presentation, photography, business-plan, illustration. Others swing by to get advice or share their latest creative pursuits. 

One time we had a pizza party.

Another time Sean led us all in a yoga class after work. 

A couple of times we've done a show-and-tell in the afternoon, where we go around the circle to catch up with everyone's projects and progress. This is also normally when the beers start appearing (if not earlier).



So far its been a great experiment. People are coming back on a regular basis and working on projects together. Friday has become my favorite day of the week. Its a time where I make up for all those hours of creative solitude and allow myself the office chit-chat that most people have on a daily basis. Its made me realize that engaging with other creatives is essential to my growth, and that while it may not be an easy line item on a spead-sheet, its something I need to always incorporate into my work-life. There's no substitute for the energy that amazing people can create when they come together.

I'm already excited for next Friday.


2015-03-10 17.38.16.jpg

Here is what it looks like in 4 minutes.